October 12, 2011

hi friends. happy hump day! i have to say, usually hump day is a pretty good day. smack dab in the middle of the week, plus tomorrow is thursday (my favorite day). today, eh, not so much. hump day quickly turned into grump day after a visit to the dentist, an argument with my mom, getting caught in the rain with no umbrella, and well.. work. thankfully bc work is slow (2 days left!) i left around 4:30. a quick errand, a ride on the N, and i still couldn’t shake the mood. UNTIL. i decided to get off at 23rd street and walk home, walk it off… when i accidentally ran into the new MARIMEKKO flag ship store! i actually couldn’t help myself from smiling. it was AWESOME.



i highly recommend a visit to the store, especially if you’re having a grump day instead of a hump day. it made me sooo happy. it also made me SO excited to start my new job on monday!!

good thing i didnt get yelled at for taking these pictures…. until after i took them!

happy hump day!

kari moden is awesome

October 10, 2011

today i came across swedish illustrator Kari Moden. i LOVE her style. it is so graphic, so bold, so colorful.  this one is called Silhouettes of Hope and was made in honor of the American Cancer Society.


These are some of the illustrations Kari did for bordeaux…

and some animalllllsssss. im such a butterfly person and so NOT a horse person…. but im sort of obsessed with the horse.

pretty sure i’d like to share all of them, so you should check out her site yourself.


okay one more….

yay so pretty!

lets talk about… TATTLY

October 10, 2011

last year for halloween i was a gypsy. insert sparkly dress, star print head scarf, blue suede shoes, and bangles to the elbow. also insert a reason to buy betsey johnson’s temporary tattoo kit at rickys. i had a spider on my calf, a spider web on my thigh, some tattooed bracelets on my wrist. pretty obsessed. the best part is they wash off right away, because to be honest… i HATE tattoos.

then comes TATTLY.

how adorable is this? so what can i be for halloween this year that gives me a reason to buy one of these awesome tattoos? or do i really need a reason, can i wear them just for fun? because i’m thinking of being an alien for halloween… and i can’t see any of these going with my costume.

i could be an alien with a robot best friend?

i could be a hi price call girl alien? and tattoo this $100 bill in my cleavage?

i could be an alien chef? who doesn't want a little cheese grater tattooed on their bicep?!

aww this one is pretty. no alien comment.

which one would you wear? forget halloween. i think i’m getting one for this weekend!

i think i would be okay if this was my apartment…

October 4, 2011

a trend or a costume?

September 22, 2011

just over a month until my favorite holiday! im pretty sure since i can remember, halloween has been my favorite. the costume/chocolate combination never fails to make me happy. why not wear something extra sparkly and weird and eat an extra reeses peanut butter cup? or 5? with the new season on its way, its time to start thinking about costume ideas! and then there was fashion week.

as we know, almost nothing in fashion is actually new. its just taking old trends and making them modern. i think this really hit me for the first time this fashion week, because of halloween.  i’ve always leaned towards the 70s when it comes to halloween. and now what, stacey bendet, are these looks really actually trending? how is my costume going to be a costume if i can buy these jeans at madewell??? good thing i have a month to figure this out…

anyways. here we have some NEW looks, for SPRING 2012. maybe they’re trendy… but they sure look like costumes to me!!

1: THE MASK (lets start this off slow… thank you fendi. sunglasses, or masks? let the halloween games begin!)






3. THE CROP TOP 50’S-60’S (good thing i’ve been going to spinning. this crop top idea has my wheels turning!)


4. THE 70’S (maybe a little too trendy for halloween. just sayin)






6. oh thats right… THE SWAN! (a little creepydeepy for my taste but these are some serious sculptures we’re talking about.)



what are you going to be for halloween????


does anyone have an extra 10k?

September 21, 2011

im thinking i could really use this white gold blue rocket louis vuitton charm to attach to the charm bracelet i dont have. SO CUTE.

take me to space!

There’s nothing like fire island love.

September 18, 2011


myembellishedSUMMER turns to fall.

September 16, 2011

has there ever been a better time to start up myembellishedlife again, than on this fabulously sunny september friday? mid afternoon, a little sleepy, really bored at work? nope. i need to make sure you understand that since february, the embellishments in life did not disappear for me. not even close. i just got really really busy and forgot to write about them. its totally fine though, right? because now i have lots to catch you up on, and even more to be inspired by.

i guess you deserve a little summer recap, since i haven’t embellished YOUR life since february.

to make this short and wonderful i am going to make a list of reasons why this summer was embellished for me in all the right ways.

1. the beach. the sparkly ocean (ha – long island). the sand. the half naked people in the sparkly ocean and in the sand. its the simple things in life!

2. the rocketfuels. only a tasty alcoholic concoction that makes for a really fuzzy happy time.

3. quality time spent with old friends. bonding sessions on the roof. hour long dance parties with enormous amounts of jumping up and down.

4. making new friends. this summer was all about meeting new people. it is unbelievable how i went 25 years of my life without knowing some of the people that i know now. a few of them became extremely special to me, and under different circumstances, i never would’ve had this summer. but i did. and now i have all these new special people! its really nice.

5. the lack of clothes i wore this summer. i have to say that clothes being a real passion of mine, it was pretty ironic how often i was barefoot and how often i was wearing jean shorts and a CLUB LAHOO tshirt. i liked it. it was really nice. it was a break from real life, 3 days a week, for almost 4 months.

6. rooftop sunsets. there really isnt anything in the world like watching the perfect sun, set over the bay, in the best place in the world.

so now, summer turns to fall.  city life begins again. and that my friends, is why i am here. fall brings hundreds of reasons to be inspired. after all, this is new york! and we just finished fashion week!

and i have a rooftop party to go to tonight!! thank goodness!

so happy friday! see you again soon :)





new beginnings!

March 14, 2011

dear friends, after almost 2 months of not posting anything i should probably inform you of the life changes that have happened and why i am so busy. i have a new job! wahoo! i just started my 2nd week at Ranjana Khan. i am absolutely not going to shut down myembellishedlife, but i am going to have to organize my time better and work on some stuff for you.  check back once in a while. wish me luck! xxx sara joy

stumble upon = sebastian faena

January 26, 2011

thanks to my little sister carly and her college habits (that i cant name here because i have at least 3 family members that read this) –  she “stumbled” upon and introduced me to this site called Touch Puppet.  a little background for those of you who dont know… is a website where you can click your life away but end up finding some really interesting things to read and look at. lets leave it there… check it out.  anyway, Touch Puppet is a fashion photography site with so much to seeeee! i am loving these photos done by sebastian faena. how gorgeous are they?

i think if i was president the last 2 photos would be sculptures in my white house rose garden. since that isnt happening anytime soon, i think as soon as i move to the suburbs they will be sculptures in my garden. sweet yay.

thank you carly for sending me the touch puppet link, along with 3 other links! xx


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